Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Review the song “Back in Black” this week so that we can practice it next week with the recording. Focus especially on the guitar solo section, and the bridge section near the end. Be sure to count while you play. This will help you keep a steady beat and to transition between sections smoothly.


Great work on the interlocking rhythm exercises that we did this week! You can practice these at home by try to tap the beat with your foot and play each rhythm one at a time. We’ll do more of this next week. Also, review the song “Fool in the Rain” if you think you might like to do it at the recital.


Review the interlocking rhythm exercises that we did this week. Practice them by keeping a steady pulse on the bass drum while playing each rhythm on the snare drum. Listen carefully for how each rhythm sounds against the pulse. We’ll do more of these exercises next week.


Review everything we’ve done so far on “Can’t Stop” by the Chili Peppers. Listen to the song a few times and see if you can play the verse beat and the chorus beat at the same speed as the recording. We’ll do more work on the song next week and see where we’re at with it.