It was great to see the TFS students again after several weeks away.


Great to see and hear how your range, and knowledge of note names and fingerings is coming along.

This week, whenever you go to play, remember to keep the mouthpiece in place, and breathe through the “corners” of your mouth (rather than moving the mouthpiece, and shifting the position of your embouchure for each note).

Keep working on B flat major scale, and becoming comfortable with fluently and quickly moving between the fingerings.  Work on this with both slurred and tongued articulations.

Nice work on sight reading!

Remember to bring your band music next week.


Congrats on a big leap forward this week!

Every time you pick up the horn this week, spend at least 10 minutes working on slurring from low F to C in 6th position.  Crescendo-ing to get the higher note to pop out was effective, so keep this up. Once you’ve comfortably played these two notes, come in on just the C, and get to the point where you recognize the feeling and “taste” of it.  Work on slurs down from the C to the F as well.

Move up the slide positions, doing this exercise on low G flat to D flat (in 5th), and higher, as you feel comfortable.  Take breaks, and do breathing exercises intermittently.

You demonstrated a solid recognition of elements of written music – notes on the staff, and rhythmic values.  Nice work on those short compositions, and on the playing by ear in the call and response.  We’ll do more these kinds of activities in the coming weeks.


Stay warm and dry in this deluge of wintery weather!

In case you are interested, my brass band has a concert on Sunday afternoon:  It will feature some great trombone, baritone, and euphonium playing. :)