Hi everyone,

I would like to let you all know that my percussion quartet, Spectrum, is performing next Friday night, December 11, at St. Barnabas Church (361 Danforth). The concert starts at 8pm and it’s Pay What You Can. We have the principal percussionist from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, John Rudolph, joining us as a guest soloist. You’re all invited to come and I hope you can make it – there will be lots of great drumming at this concert!

Here is you homework for this week:


Great work this week on “Back in Black!” For next week, review the guitar solo section and work on learning the bridge section. Practice counting out loud which you play. This will help you get the timing right. Also, listen to the song a few times and try to remember how the rhythms sound. This will help too.


Work on beats #1-7 from the sheet we worked on in your lesson. Focus especially on #5, 6, and 7 – they’re the ones that gave you the most trouble. Remember to practice them each several times in a row to develop consistency. Don’t try to go too fast – slow practice will help you gain consistency, and then you can speed them up.