Hi everyone,

I will be away next week and there will be another teacher subbing for me. His name is David and he teaches regularly at ABC. I will let him know what each of you have been working on. Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Good work with the accent patterns this week! Work on playing them a bit faster this week, and see if you can move the accents onto the toms. Focus especially on #4 and #5 as they are the most challenging. Start slow and count the rhythm out loud before you play.


Practice the rhythms that we have worked on that incorporate triplets with eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Make sure that each subdivision of the beat sounds even and steady whether it’s a subdivision in 2 or in 3. Also, work on the new beat that uses triplet sixteenth notes on the bass drum.


Keep working on the syncopated drum beats that we have worked on. Make sure that you can count each rhythm out loud before you try to play it. Play each beat very slowly at first and focus on keeping the eighth notes on the hi-hat very steady and even. As the beats start to feel more comfortable, try speeding them up gradually.


Work on learning the opening line of “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin. Make sure that you are counting each note as you play and that you don’t leave things out. Also, listen to the recording and see if you can hear each note of the drum part in the song.


Practice the new rhythms that we worked on this week which include sixteenth notes. Count each rhythm out loud before you try to play it. Focus on keeping the beat steady and making sure that all the sixteenth notes sound the same. Always read the notes that are written on the page and don’t try to play just from memory.