Bayli Cohen

Good job this week! For next lesson please complete the music theory worksheet that we were working on together in our lesson. Being able to understand music theory will help your performance skills and make reading music and rhythm a lot easier. When you’re reading/practicing your music and you get stuck on a bar, remember to try and clap out the rhythm before playing it like we were doing in our lesson. When practicing your pieces, I recommend that you split the piece up into chunks. So for example, start at bar #1 and only continue until bar#10 and then stop. Practice these bars until you feel confident enough to move on in your piece.

Next lesson I will bring another music theory worksheet for you to take home and we will begin doing some exercises to improve tone quality on the flute.

Remember to use your flute fingering chart to help you if you can’t remember which keys to push for a certain note.

See you next week!