You are really catching on about making chords with both hands!  It’s such a great, warm and big piano sound.  Keep making combinations of chords and practice moving easily from chord to chord. Try doing different rhythmic patterns when you play the different chord combinations.  Repeat many times so it comes easily.  I will show you some chords for Twinkle Twinkle next time. Did we learn that earlier? in the autumn?  If we did please work on it with both hands.  It starts with middle C.  I’m proud of the work you are doing.

Please work this week on the boogie woogie pattern.  Try to find the fingering that as the most ease.   Repeat it many many times so that it becomes second-nature to you.  Choose one new piece from your book to learn.  See how much you can learn for next time.  Good work! See you soon!

Remember that you need to make up a little story for us to set some music to.  How about one about you and the little squirrel and Darth Vader or some other combination.  You have a great imagination I know you will think of something great.  Work on making chords with both hands for each note on the scale. Repeat the chords many times so it’s easy to move from one to the other. Go slowly at first.   You’re doing great!

The Swing piece is sounding really good.  This week erase all of your pencil markings.  Work on reading the notes and not just the letters for notes.  I know you can do this.  Also, please follow all dynamics like mf and p.  It’s very important for the expression of the music.  Have a look again at Sherlock.  See if you can get back to how you were doing it before.  I know you can do it!  good work!