Wishing the TFS students a happy weekend (I understand both Paul and Martin are going skiing!), and a great week ahead.

Some notes from Thursday’s lessons:



It was nice to start the lesson off with breathing exercises.  We will keep this up in the coming weeks.

Nice work with long tones.  It was great to see/hear your knowledge of the chromatic scale note names and fingerings, and ability to match pitch.

I’m sorry about the troubles with your instrument – both the 2nd valve problem, and the stuck mouthpiece.  Please go and see Mr. Price for assistance as soon as possible.  Hopefully he will be able to help with these, or can advise if a trip to a repair shop is needed.

Despite the issues with your horn, I thought it was productive to work music reading skills.  Good work with recognition of notes on the bass clef staff, and rhythms.

Best wishes for your instrument’s recovery!  I also want to send a reminder to bring a notebook next week.




It was great to see and hear the strides you made this week.  Congratulations!

The breathing exercises and attention to posture made for a big improvement.  Be relentless in focussing on your posture every time you pick up your trombone for now on.

This week in your practising, work on long tones in the low range, from B flat down to F in 6th position, thinking of a crisp “Ta” to articulate the start of each note.

Nice work with reading music again, too.  I was glad to hear you’re feeling more comfortable and confident about it.

Next week please bring:

  • additional music that you will be playing at OBA
  • a notebook
  • slide lubricating cream and a rag (We’ll go over slide maintenance!)


See you both on February 2nd!