Hi everyone,

Here are you homework assignments for this week:


Practice the new rhythms and beats that we worked on last lesson. Remember to count out loud before you play and to try to maintain a steady speed. For each beat, play it several times in a row without stopping. Also, try playing each one at different speeds (fast and slow).


Good work on the accent patterns. Keep practicing them and try to gradually increase the speed. Also, try playing them without looking at the page. If you can play them from memory, then it will be easier to be creative and move them around the drums. Work on incorporating these accent patterns as drum fills.


Practice the rhythms and beats that we worked on this week. Make sure you can count each rhythm out loud before you play it. Also, practice playing at different speeds, especially slowly because it can be just as difficult to play slow as it is to play fast. Whatever speed you start at, see if you can maintain that steadily until you stop. Then start again at a different speed.