Hi everyone,

Here are you homework assignments for this week:


Practice playing the new beats and rhythms that we worked on this week. Always count out loud before you play, and then continue counting in your head while you play. This will help you to maintain a consistent beat and a steady speed.


Practice the Verse beat and the Chorus beat from “You Shook Me All Night Long” by ACDC. Count in your head while you’re playing. This will help with accuracy and consistency. Also, review the exercises from last week’s lesson too. Next week will learn more of the song and do more rhythm exercises.


Great work on the accent patterns. Keep practicing them to see if you can gradually increase the speed. These exercises are great for helping you move around the drums freely and accurately. You should also try improvising some of your own accent patterns as drum fills. Spend some time this week listening to some songs by the Arctic Monkeys (and other bands too if you’d like) and come with at least two ideas next week for songs that you might like to learn.


Good work last week on the first four accent patterns. Keep practicing them this week to see if you can learn to play them any faster. However, never go faster than you are able to play accurately. For accent pattern #5, practice it really slowly and count out loud while you play. It is a very tricky exercise, but once you can nail it at a slow speed, then it won’t be much harder to play it faster.


Review the rhythms and beats that we worked on last lesson. Make sure that you are able to count each rhythm out loud and that you understand the relationships between the notes. Also, try playing each beat at a variety of speeds to see how wide a range of speeds you can play. If you have any thoughts about a song that you would like learn, let me know and we’ll start on it next week.