Your high register is sounding so much better! Keep up the good work and remember to listen to yourself and ask if you like how you sound :)


C Major 2 octaves

  • Use a drone (held note) of C to play scale to so you can practice hearing if you’re in tune. Most tuners have a ‘sound back’ function where you can specify the note, OR record yourself playing a C in tune using a tuner for as long as you can hold it, then play the scale against it
  • Practice with a metronome in eight notes at 72
  • Practice with a metronome at 60 in triplet eight notes (3 notes to a beat)
  • See if you can go down to LOW B when doing the triplet scale! (practice slow first)

Low B Fingering:


Barret No 1 Pg 57

  • Practice the first half – try to work up to being able to play it slowly and cleanly all the way through
  • Pay attention to how your high As and Bs sound – do you like how they sound? Are they in tune?
  • If the upper notes are not sounding nice, try:
    • Adding more air and making sure they’re in tune
    • cushioning the reed to darken the tone slightly (if your embochure is a circle, use the top and bottom sides to apply a small bit of pressure to darken the tone – make sure the pitch doesn’t go sharp!)
    • practice holding them and making them sound nice before playing them fast