Good work on D Major & B minor

Remember: Buy the Gekeler books 1 and 2 for next week


Barret Melody No 1

  • Work on the first half of the piece
  • Practice the slurs up to the high A
  • Practice the eight note groups in different rhythms
  • If you are feeling confident with the first half, go ahead and start the second half of the piece
  • Practice with the metronome and tuner
  • Try to stop notes by stopping your air and slightly tightening the sides of your embouchure instead of using your tongue
  • Think of pulling your tongue away from the reed when tonguing so that the attack is lighter


NEW: C Major

  • One octave from low C
  • Practice slurring down from middle C in the following pattern
    • C-B-C-A-C-G-C-F-C-E-C-D-C-C