Good work this summer! You’ve made a lot of progress, and when you keep your air support going your tone is very nice. You are developing a very good musical ear, which may make it frustrating sometimes as you’re learning and you want things to sound better than you can currently play them, but it will be very advantageous in the future. I look forward to working with you in the fall once your schedule is figured out!

General Technique reminders:

  • Air support! Keep your air moving fast, and try to use the embouchure to control as little as possible; this will allow you to play for longer without getting tired
  • Breathing: To increase your lung capacity do the following every morning (or when you remember)
    • breathe in as much air as you can
    • take in a little more air
    • hold it for 5 seconds\
    • breathe it out in a steady stream (the same speed you would use to play the oboe) for as long as you can – try for 10 seconds then 20…30…40 a minute??
    • Repeat up to 5 times
  • Posture: Remind yourself to sit or stand tall, and bring the oboe to you. Allow the oboe to be at around a 45 degree angle from your body, not straight down.
  • Practice with a metronome! Take the tempo DOWN when you make a mistake
  • Practice with a drone on the tonic (first note of the scale) when you play scales to help your tuning
  • Check your scales and pieces with a tuner to see if your tuning is correct
  • keep working on your low C land B!


Work No.1 a little more if you like, with a metronome, or move on to the second melody if you want to. If you want a challenge, try reading the bass clef lower line on the oboe! (You’ll have to also move it up several octaves)