Fabulous work this week, Maria, you are a quick learner and intelligent student.

Overall reminder for you is to keep your wrists steady and elevated, instead of dropping them too low and then getting a bouncy tendency. Dropping them too low takes strength and agility away from your fingers. We noticed the affect especially in Lavender’s Blue, remember the 8th notes in the LH?

Practice G major scale, one octave, LH first then Hands Together (HT). 5 Min each time you practice. Keep wrists (especially LH) steady.

Let’s do one more week of London Bridge, to have it performance ready and move on.

Still some details in Nick Nick to smooth but this one is getting polished too! Play from memory next week. Continue working on evenness in tempo/rhythm throughout, practice mostly piano (softly) at home, because it will take practice to master it! Keep up the staccato even when quiet.

Lavemder’s Blue is sounding gorgeous, I just want to drop teaching and listen to you :), a big part of that is that you really made a point of playing the dynamics (soft and loud) prominently and it had a beautiful effect, well done and keep it up please! Your next step is focusing on your technique in the left hand such that you can really play the group of legato eighth notes nice and smooth. right now they sound a little bumpy and uneven. Keep your wrist elevated and steady so that you can give your fingers strength from the pressure that you exert downwards from your optimal hand position. then play through one of those bars and play slowly, exerting even pressure from each finger for each note.