Maria, great job this week. Please memorize London Bridge for us to play as our warm up piece for next week. In Alouette, watch out for dynamics. That means watch out for where you should be playing loud (F) or soft (p). Just 5 minutes on that piece on most days will be all you need! Watch out for pancake fingers in bar 8.

For Nick Nack, use a metronome to help you (found on your keyboard, youtube, or a downloaded app), set it to 50 BPM and make sure the beginning doesn’t go to fast and the end doesn’t go too slow. The middle section of the son you tend to play just right. :) Keep all your quarter note and eighth note lengths consistent. 5-10 minutes most days please!

New Song! Galway Piper! Please work onthe first section of this piece only, 10 minutes a day, the tricky part to concentrate on is bars 2-3, remembering to cross your second finger over your thumb to the F#! Wow! Practice just the 6 notes surrounding that tricky part for a couple minutes in isolation, and you’ll have it down in no time. :)

G Major Scale. It’s time to learn about scales! Practice C and G Major scales at home with the RH by starting on the C or G and always remembering to cross your thumb under your third finger (so that you have enough fingers to finish the scale! 3+5 =8!). In G major, don’t forget to completely replace the F with the F#, or else it’ll sound pretty funky! We’ll work on LH together in class next week.

Good work!



Excellent work this week Vitoria, can’t wait for you to get your piano so soon!

Let’s think about your fingers getting stronger and more flexible. Make your tiger paws, flexing your knuckles up and down 5- 10 times, and then make strong, wriggly spider fingers, separating all of your fingers. Play with play dough, stress balls, or other fun squishy toys that help your fingers get stronger!

After those warm ups each day, you can look at your 3 songs! (Each is divided into two parts, across two pages). Check the little map on the page to make sure you are playing on the correct group of black notes, keep your fingers curled and playing on their tips.

Good work learning your notes!!