Hey folks! I hope you’re all enjoying the heat these days. Below is the homework for today, but I also wanted to quickly invite you all to a show I’m in this coming week and the next. The show is called “Emilie: La Marquise du Chatelet Defends Her Life Today”. It’s a funny drama about the scientific genius, Emilie du Chatelet, a noble in 18th Century France, in which she has to discover what is more important to her life – her work and her scientific contributions or her family and her love. The show opens April 20th, and runs through April 29th. I’m performing on the 20th, 22nd, and 27th – 29th. It’s playing at The Assembly Theatre in Roncesvalles (1479 Queen St W). Here’s the link for more info and to purchase tickets – theflareproductions.com/emilie I’d recommend leaving the little kids at home for this one. Let’s call it a solid 14+ for mature language and adult situations. It’s tons of fun, though – a great night out. I’m really proud of it and I hope some of you can come on out and see it!


Now – homework!


Great work today – thank you for trying a whole bunch of strange things today. As you practice this week, play around with exploring your vertical space vs horizontal space when you’re singing and how that affects and changes the sound you make. As you go through those mid-range notes – on your vocal break – remember to apply opposite directions, with your cheekbones raising and your jaw lowering, to really let your sound resonate!


Great work today! This week, get used to the funky rhythms on Scars to Your Beautiful listen to the song, sign along, have fun with it. Remember, when you get to those tricky mid notes, at your vocal break, pull back your arms and feel your muscles in your back. Look up on some of those tricky notes to create more space for the sound.


I know you’re really busy this week, but spend some time listening to the song and singing along, especially with the ending, when it gets higher and quicker. Listening and singing along will help you feel more comfortable in those tougher parts of the song. Just pop your headphones in for like five minutes each day and you should be good to go!


Thanks for trying some silly things today. When you’re practicing this week, think about opening up, dropping your jaw, especially on words like “moon”. That nice rounded oo will need lots of space to vibrate. Spend a couple minutes each day listening to “Moon River”, become familiar so we can dig in deeper next week.