You’re sounding so much more confident. We want to hone in now on finding a bit more freedom, especially through those faster sections. Incorporate the jaw exercises into your warm-up every other day or so an pay attention to how much space you’re making when you open your mouth to sing. We want to create a bigger space vertically. It can be tough to sing faster phrases when we open our mouth more, however we need to practice releasing the jaw first beforehand.

I’ve uploaded the sheet music for Teardrops on my Guitar to your folder. Have a look through it, play around a bit. We’ll talk more next week.


Good focus today! We have to review our music note values, so here’s a little chart I made in class today for you to review.

This week, we want to review the first two lines of Believer. Here’s the link again. Remember – the song starts on page 2!

Please make sure to bring your workbook next week, when we see each other in person!


Good work today on Naughty. This week, we want to practice enunciating our t’s, d’s and k’s. Over do it, be cartoon-y, and have fun with it. We also want to practice breathing – so print off the sheet music, and make little check marks wherever you think you should breathe. Remember, we want to breathe at rests or punctuation. Spend a few minutes practicing how to breathe – we want to breathe into our stomach, through our nose. Feel your belly fill up like a balloon. And when you sing, feel your balloon slowly deflate. So when you breathe again, you can refill the balloon.