Hi everyone!

hope you’re all having a great, relaxing March break. Apologies on taking so long to get your homework to you – my Internet has been near non-existent most of my trip.


Great work! As you practice this week, be sure you’re incorporating your jaw exercises into your warmup. Experiment a bit with this and make note of any changes you experience.


Loving your energy. I’ve uploaded a version of your sheet music to the google drive for you. Remember – singing is like playing darts – you have to aim for the bullseye. I also want you to practice where you want to breathe when you sing. What makes the most sense so you can get through all the words?


So lovely to meet you this week! Here is one copy of “Different Drum” to practice with. apologies i haven’t had a chance to transpose it down yet. I’ll have that ready for you at your next lesson.


You’re making such great progress. This week, I really need you to focus on your jaw work – include the jaw exercises in your warm-up and watch yourself sing so you can see what I see.


I want you to experiment with the glowing dots idea. If there’s one glowing dot anchoring you to the ground, and one anchoring you to the sky, how grounded do you feel? How does that effect your singing?


Linked here is your sheet music. Remember we’re only singing everything through once, so ignore the repeat signs. Pay attention to where you breathe when you sing – how does this help you? And as you get higher, remember to think about raising your soft palate with a silent “ng-ah” or “meow”