Great work today playing with the rhythms. This week, please practice by listening to and singing along with the song.

Here is the song from the film:

And here’s a karaoke/instrumental for you to try when you feel comfortable and ready:


Great work today. Those high notes are starting to sound really beautiful. Keep exploring that mask/Nasopharynx placement, and it’ll really ring and become even easier.

Here’s a video on mask placement for you (this one’s a little science-y, but she uses great diagrams):

Remember as you’re practicing, especially Easy On Me, but even with Caro Mio Ben, that the higher we sing, the more breath we need. So don’t shy away from breathing as much as you need to in order to really secure those high notes. When it comes to those lower notes, don’t put so much  pressure on them.

Caro Mio Ben Pronunciation:

The song to listen to: