Hey folks! Below is the homework for this week. I also just wanted to take the opportunity to invite you all to attend a show I’m doing at the end of the month. It’s a play called Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight. It’s about the 18th century brilliant scientist and noble Emilie du Chatelet who paved the way for women in science, translated Newton’s Laws of the Universe (the translation is still used today) and helped discover Kinetic energy and Einstein’s E=mc2 equation. It’s a beautiful, funny and emotional roller coaster of a show. I’d suggest maybe not bringing the little kids as it has some mature language and situations. Let’s give it a soft 14 + rating. But if you’re looking for a nice night out to the theatre that won’t break the bank and will support emerging Toronto talent, come on out and see us! Here’s the link for more info and tickets. theflareproductions.com/emilie

Anyway – homework!


Good work today on “Moon River”. For your homework, be sure to spend more time listening to the song and becoming familiar with it. Once you’re more comfortable with the melody, we can really dig in deeper.


Great work! Today we were exploring more of focusing our sound – like shooting darts through the wall (or at an ant!) When you’re practicing, pretend there’s someone on the other side of the wall with a dart board and throw your notes at the bullseye! I also want you to experiment with your breathing like we practiced. You want to breathe in through your nose and feel your belly expand, then exhale through your mouth and feel your belly get smaller.

In terms of musical theatre programs or opportunities that may be of interest to you, here are a few I’ve found!

Railpath Arts are a great school for young students. They have a good music theatre program for beginners, too. https://therailpathartscentre.com/ypc

Bravo is incredibly popular. I know a lot of people who started working with them. https://www.bravoacademy.ca/

Young Peoples Theatre has year round classes and summer intensives for students, too. They’re a professional theatre doing shows specifically focused on kids, but their classes go up to grade 12! https://www.youngpeoplestheatre.org/

ActCo has a good list of upcoming shows, so you can see which companies in Toronto are doing shows she might be interested in auditioning for in the future. It’s a good way to get your eye in on the community theatres in the city she might be able to work with.

If you find yourself near Meadowvale Mississauga, this is one of the organization I grew up working with (most of the others have unfortunately closed since I was a kid, but this ones still around). Doesn’t look like they’re doing any super good shows for her next season, but still something to keep an eye on.


Good work today trying new things and pushing a bit outside your usual comfort zone. We worked today a bit on focusing our vowels – keeping open on words like “run” so we don’t have to reset on our next line. When you’re practicing this week, remember to listen to yourself and take note of/correct when you hold on to a consonant rather than the vowel and “cut off” your sound.


Great job today. Spend a bit more time with the song this week, get used to it and practice a bit with the track. Remember – that ending is yours to do whatever you like so you can try things and see what feels and sounds best to you! Also, I’ll be uploading a transposed version of the song to your folder sometime before Monday night, so be sure to pop in before our next lesson and practice with the lower version.


Really great work today! I love seeing and hearing the progress. Keep exploring dropping your jaw to elongate those vowels. And remember – our ‘R’s aren’t helpful, so it’s okay to drop them when they’re in the middle of works. Have fun with and keep an open space – you’re well on your way to a really clear, beautiful sound!