Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the weather and time with your family <3


*New* Octavius Octopus – this is a left hand only piece. Practice bouncing from C to C using your thumb and pinky. For the scale coming up, use a nice strong rounded finger 3 to play it.

*New* First 4 bars of Copy Cat. This is a piece where the hands copy each other (lots of pieces do this, it’s how we get a catchy melody). You played the first 4 in class, if you can learn the next 4 bars at home I’ll give you a small prize next week! Both hands are in C position.


Interstellar. Keep plugging away, I’ll hear this next week.

Canon x Memories. Hands seperate practice – LH do the descending bass line (can do this with the RH Canon melody also), as well as the arpeggio accompaniment pattern. Look to the paper I wrote up that shows the formula of the chord progression. Also practice the Canon melody with just the RH, and any Memories melodies you wish. Love the blocked chords technique you used in lesson, as well as the slow practice tempo chosen. Keep it up!


*New* March of the Terrible Trolls. Notice both hands are bass clef. Use the bounce off of the higher LH G to propel you to play the lower G with your pinky. For the Db-Eb part, be sure each note sounds louder than the last, because it is such a short duration to go from piano to forte. For the final RH chord, use fingers 125 but slide in further to the piano (past the line of black keys) so it is easier to reach all the notes. Your forearm should be in line with your hand. Have fun creating a musical story of what the trolls are up to.

Young Ludwig Exploring – Great job with the first 4 lines! This week let’s focus on the latter half where the melodies overlap. Go slow and steady.

Mission Impossible – I knew you could do it! Great work, keep practicing HT like you did last week. We can pretty much play the whole piece very soon :)


*New* Allegretto in C. Notice the phrase markings in the RH, they are very important in Baroque music. Be sure to break the line at every one of them. The LH is also to be played detached in this style, ensure each note still gets its full value, just seperate it slightly from the next one. Have fun exploring however much of this one you can this week. Here is a performance for reference.

Crazy Comics – Awesome fingering fixes! I am also very proud of your dynamics! Keep it up, include as many details as possible as you play. At the ending with the Eb in the RH, use finger 4 as I wrote it in so you won’t have to cross under/over at all.

Triads – keep exploring different white key start triads with both hands. Broken and solid, but clean and steady.


Peter Pan’s Flight – with dynamics this week. Play the RH loud the first time, and then the second one quieter like an echo. Use the pedal to really enhance the mood you are creating, like a soundtrack for a movie with a melody and echo in a watery sound as Peter Pan flies around.

Composing Activity – Follow the worksheet to create a 2 bar C or G position melody (and articulation) that will be plugged into this song about a robot. Then play the song in its entirety, paying attention to the different legato and staccato parts. I’m excited to hear what you create!