You are now working on changing chords in “Pompeii” The goal is to get comfortable enough to be able to play along with the recording.

Also continue to practice the exercises assigned in the front of your book.



(absent this week) Continue to work on “star wars’, “She’ll be coming round the mountain”, and other songs we have been doing. Malin has to actually practice what we have been doing in lessons in order to make any improvement.



(absent this week) New song: Happy birthday

Songs from previous lessons: Twinkle twinkle, Jingle bells, and Star wars.




Continue to practice the lines from the G blues scale over 12 bar blues.



(absent this week and last) Practice along with recording of Justin Bieber’s Love yourself, and Wild, Troye Sivan (capo 3rd fret D and Em)



Great improvement on Highway to hell moving from chord to chord. Now learn how to put it all together from beginning to end, including the E chord. This week we also started Wish you were here. Find a link to how I play it here:



Start using a pick for riffs – like the one that we play in Funk 49. I recommend you also change your strings as soon as possible. Review your chords – open and bar.