Excellent lessons today, everyone!  And, (most) of you are developing a consistent practice routine.  Now, adding more time each day to those practice sessions will only accelerate your pianistic ambitions!  And, the theme for all of you this week is SMART practice ~


You’re such a cad!  Budding comedian.  You are clever, buddy, now if you only could just focus your brilliant mind more while practicing and in the lessons, playing and learning piano will be much more enjoyable and productive!


Not bad today, last week was better, but this is the nature of progress ~ 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  You are like no other student I have taught, Ahaan, I and your parents have the privilege of witnessing the birth of a true artist.


You are naturally talented!  Helps having a fine musician as a parent;)  Now, please just imagine where and how fast you might be if you practiced 30 minutes everyday?


Making progress!  Now, imagine where and how fast you might be if you practiced more than 5 minutes per day?!  30 MINUTE  CHALLENGE for you, too!


I am so happy to have you as a student.  I hope you are enjoying learning the piano, you do practice!  Remember, FEEL the rhythmic pattern (the beat) of each song, STRONG FINGERS, pushing your wrists forward and elbows out in CIRCULAR motions.