10:30-11 Shray

We started Greensleeves on pg 108

Consult the front of your book for the exercises we worked on in the lesson.


2- 2:30  Nino

This week we worked on:

Wish you were here – chords are getting better – keep working on the full G chord, its sounding good.

Demons – chords are getting better as well!


Let it be : started easy chord melody


12:30-1:15 Veronica

Funk bass: express yourself, Lady marmalade

So what bass line

Walking bass practice: autumn leaves


1:15-2 Sydney

Absent. Continue Dust in the Wind by Kansas and new fingerpicking exercise


2:30-3   Felipe

Continue “Girl like you”:bar chords and the little solo break. Review the new rock band songs, make sure you know all the chords and/or riffs. Check the homework for Rock band.