Dear Carmen,

Great job on rhythm songs C, D, E, F and G!

Keep working on Little Dance and Rainy day

New songs: Ice Cream

Music Stars

(remember new time value: dotted half note = 3 beats!)

Try to practice 10 min everyday day :)


Dear Nathalia,


Great job on Cinderella’s Waltz!

Work on new songs : Allegro Skips

Mozart’s Pets

Go Tell Auntie Rhodie, including variation

(make sure to keep your hand in a C position, and your fingers round)

Try to practice 10 – 15 min each day :)


Dear Gemma,


For this week focus on Sonatina in G major : keep memorizing in sections, both hands apart and hands together.

Keep reviewing other pieces: The song of Twilight : connect all chords (left hand) keep all quarter notes the same.

Gigue a L’Angloise : work on memorizing (keep pulse even) include dynamics.


All covered scales and triads


Try to practice at least 20 min each day :)



Dear Jessie,


For this week focus on: Dream Catcher: keep on memorizing, work in sections each hand apart and hands together, work in sections, with pedal.

German Dance in E flat Major: work on memorizing, try to keep the beat (mainly in the second half).

Rigadoon: Practice in sections, hands separately and hands together, keeping the pulse even.


All covered scales and triads

Try to practice at least 20 min each day :)



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