Well done, everyone!


Mia:  Make sure that you are holding down the key for the entire length of the note on half notes and whole notes.  You’re working with note names this week.  Good job using the musical alphabet to help you figure out the names of the keys on the piano!  Start Batter Up! and Strange Story this week.  Notice that they both have repeats at the end – play them two times total!  15 minutes a day of practice.

Marlowe:  Great job learning Lavendar’s Blue.  Keep working on taking silent breaths throughout (no gasping for air), and some of the trickier words like ‘plough’.  10 minutes a day.

Paula: Stretches and deep breaths for tension release.  We’re aiming to record Besame Mucho next week, so be careful of those couple of places where you want to add syllables/words.

Olivia:  Working on Castle on a Cloud with accompaniment.  Use the rehearsal track to feel comfortable with the piano part.  Bring a new tune of your own choosing next week.  20 minutes a day.

Arjean:  Welcome to lessons!  I very much enjoyed meeting you today. Your assignment this week is to spend 5 minutes every day concentrating on your breathing and breathing deeply.   Also, please select 15 songs that you might be interested in singing this year.  You don’t have to find music for them, just have them on a list, and we’ll do some listening!


Well done, everyone!