Excellent job, most of you, again this week!!  Am excited about hearing those of you playing in the December recital.


Woohoo, breakthrough this week with ‘Medieval Fair’ (and your understanding of coordinating your playing apparatuses [hands/wrists and fingers] with your body movement)!  Remember to practice H.S. ‘Mazurka’ to understand the different rhythmic feels/patterns of each hand, then H.T. engaging your core.


Good work on ‘Candles and Cake’ this week.  At this rate, it should be ready for the December recital.  Also, Tarantella!  Or, your Scottish piece.  Practice, practice, practice ~ this is the only way you get better!!


Excellent improvement in your bowing technique from last week, dear!!  Remember to have your bow ‘IN the string’ before doing a down-bow or an up-bow.  Left hand first position this week.  First, pizzicato (plucking), then second arco (with bow).


Please review the lesson notes for this week BEFORE practicing, trying to improve upon what we worked on in the lesson for each song and theory exercise.  Please bring the piano part of the song you are singing next time, so you can learn the piano part!