Great work today, everyone!


You’re working on Full Voice, page 12 Clapping and Counting (bottom half of the page).  You’re also working on Lavender’s Blue.  Work towards being able to sing through the piece with solfege syllables and hand signs, then try with the lyrics.  For an extra challenge, you can sing the lyrics while doing the hand signs!


Working on Jolly Old St. Nicholas with the practice methods we discussed: additive method, and using a metronome (nice and slow!)  Watch to make sure that you are on your fingertips all the time.  You’re also working on Theory, pp. 4 – 6.


Viv and Daniel:

You’re both working on inversions of the chords we’ve covered so far – Amin, F, G and C.  Daniel, you are additionally working on C7 and G7.  Slow and steady is the name of the game for both of you.  Using a metronome to keep you working towards a steady tempo would be very helpful!


See-Saw exercise – breathe in for 4, hiss for 4, open to ah vowel until you run out of air.  Soft belly on the inhalation, firm belly on the phonation (hiss and sing part of the exercise).  Use the resource we recorded on your phone as part of your warmup.  Also, watching that your head is level when you are in good singers posture (don’t let your chin climb up).


Working on your two technical exercises, aiming for mastery so that we can move on to more challenges!  Also, using the online resources to learn the second half of Castle on a Cloud.  Be watchful for final consonants that are voiced – they will need a shadow vowel after so that we can hear them!

See you all next week!



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