Hello Pedro, Alejandro, Brad, and Ella,

I hope that you’re doing and glad to see you. Here are the home work until we meet again next week.


Pedro- I hope that you’re doing well. Please practice the last materials that I gave you and also practice what Pino taught you. I would like to see next week what have you learned and practice.

Alejandro- Please practice double kick. Remember the motion that I showed you and DO NOT DO the bad habit that you usually do. Remember that your toes first step on the pedal and your entire right foot on the pedal. In addition, PLEASE fix your hand grip as well. Practice 1 hour daily

Brad- Hope you feel better and practice when you feel better. Please bring the materials with you all the time.

Ella- Practice various exercise of note divisions. Make sure practice slowly and count loud as well. Remember that find what’s the meter, such as 2/4, 3/4, and find the small division note before you play. Keep working hard and keep practice hand grip as well. Try to practice 1 hour practice daily.


Happy Practice and Happy Halloween