“The Entertainer”: Practice the melody of the second pat (right hand) to match the tempo you are playing the rest of the song. Pay attention to your hand position.

Piano Adventures: read pp. 29, “Midnight Ride”.

Maria Ines:

“Fur Elise”: Play from beginning to end. Play the beginning of the phrase (d#-e) at the same tempo as the other eight notes, do not rush it. In particular, take more minutes of your practice time to play the second section of the piece, in order to speed it up and match the tempo of the first part.


My Piano Adventures pp. 41 and 42. For “My Invention”, make sure she is playing C and G in the right hand. The left hand has an F that should be played with the index (2).
For “March in D-E-F”, she already has the notes written, so let her play from beginning to end.