“Ice Skaters”: Play with metronome. Don’t forget to play the dynamic changes throughout the piece.

“Snowfall Ragtime”: Play with both hands. Pay special attention to the fingering indicated, and where the left hand falls in relation to the right hand.


“Graduation Party”: Make sure that he keeps both hands on the keyboard at all times. The notes above the lyrics (in blue) are always with the right hand, and the notes below the lyrics with the left hand.

For next week, it would be ideal if he can have the “Piano Adventures Lesson Book – Primer Level“.


Piano Adventures, p. 16 “Classic Dance”: read as much as possible. Be careful with the articulation (legato/staccato).
“Super Mario theme”: try to figure out the last phrase by listening to the song. The notes for the bit learned today were C-C-C  C-D-E-C  A-G; in case you didn’t get to write them all.


Sonatina in C major:

1st movement: memorize it for next week. Practice from m. 24 to the end in particular, so you can memorize that part easier.
2nd movement: Practice from the beginning up to bar 18. In bar 3, remember to put the trill as explained in the footnote. Divide your practicing time 1/3 into repeating mm. 13-19, and the rest playing from the beginning up to there. Play at a slow tempo.

Search and listen songs from Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. Explore their music.