“Snowflake Rag”: Before playing the complete piece, review and practice each one of the transitions between parts. Play them twice or thrice each. Think about the order of these transitions before playing. That way, you will tend to stop less between parts.

Start practicing the dynamics, and pay special attention to the crescendo in the coda.


Piano Adventures: Compose a song with the notes of “Skipping in Space” and write it. You can use other notes as well. Try to make two different parts (or melodies).
Read “Half Time Show”. This song is built on the same three notes (F-A-C).

“Super Mario Bros. 3 – Athletic”: Practice the bit seen in class and try to figure out what comes next in the song.


“The 1”: Use the separate tracks to study the playing and the singing separately. For the piano, make variations for both the bass line (left hand) and the chords (right hand). Once you feel confortable enough playing these variations, try to sing on top of them.
For the singing, put the backing track while you sing. Play the melody in the chorus and the bridge of the song, so you can practice getting to those particular notes in tune.