Here’s the link to the etude:

Try to have a routine when you practice, do some stick control and other rudiments every day as a warm-up for 5-10 min and then spend some time on any assigned pieces (the etude for now) or just have some fun on the kit. It may help to block out a specific time of day for your practice, the more habitual you make it the more efficient you’ll be in the long run.


Try to incorporate a warmup into your practice: play along to the metronome at either quarter=120 or 8th=240 bpm. Now that you understand my instructions keep working on the rest of the reading exercises from lesson 2 with the sticking I taught you.


It’s good that you prioritize your gigs and rehearsals involving other people and I trust that you are putting hours into your practice; just remember to slow down and work through things with a metronome as much as possible. It’s the single most consistent way to learn new skills at any point in your musical career. Also, now that your 5-stroke rolls are getting more comfortable, practice alternating hands and playing them continuously.

Thea and Rachel

If all you have is a pad this week try to play some stick control every day– those first 8 lines take ~5min to run through. Remember that using a mirror really helps you self-correct your playing form. Try to rent a kit to practice on soon and find some songs that you actually want to learn!


Really good work on getting through stick control and especially those paradiddles! Try to push towards 100 bpm with those first 8 lines of stick control. Also, turn your metronome to double that (200-240bpm) so that you can hear every note you hit line up to fix the unevenness. Keep working on the rock beat so that we can continue to add more elements to it.