Piano adventures p. 34-35. “Sailors Tall Tale”: Play from beginning to end. Don’t worry about the ties in the right hand for now. Just remember that the second A in the left hand doesn’t sound (i.e. mm. 1-2, the A in bar 2). If possible, read p. 37.

Mario Song: Practice the A section and the little transition with both hands.

Maria Ines:

“In the stars”: Play complete. Try to memorize the chord sequence. Say or sing the lyrics while playing.

“City of Stars”: Read the first page. I recommend you to listen to the song several times, so you get the “swing” eight note more accurately. The pattern in the left hand is repeated for each chord there.


Compose a song using just the black keys. You can write it if you want.

Piano Adventures p. 57, “A joke for you”. Play for next class. Be careful with the fingering.


Alfred’s Library (Book 1 for the Later Beginner), first song in the staff: Play for next week. Pay attention to the articulation (for the tie: remember to let your hand fall in the first note and lift in the second note). Try to add the dynamics as well (f-p).