Nice job on Blue Orchid! Have a listen to the song and try to play along with it. Focus on the phrasing of each line of the riff, and give attention to the rhythms. Solute Your Solution is also sounding great! Keep practicing that one too. Nice work on Hardest Button to Button! Practice the chords and focus on the different rhythms played throughout the tune. Great work!


Nice work on Brand New Cadillac! It sounds great! Play along to the song! Nice work on Sixteen Saltines! Listen to the tune and learn the structure this week. Practice each part we have gone over. Nice work on Hardest Button to Button! Focus on the verse section this week by arpeggiating each chord. We will finish it next time. Great work!


Nice work on Slim Shady! The next step with this tune is to practice it with proper fingering. The riff is played across 4 frets, therefore we can play  one position, and do not need to move our hand. Plant your first finger on the starting note and leave it there. Each finger will play the notes in their assigned frets. I promise this will pay off in the long run! I know it is hard to play with your pinky, but the only way it will get easier is to start using it. Great work!


Nice work on It Was A Good Day! Try to play along to the song! Nice work on Here Comes the Sun also! Practice each section of this tune separately, and then try to put it all together! Nice work on Golden Slumbers this week! This is a great one to work on chords and harmony. We will finish this one next time. We could learn the melody to this one as well, at some point. Great work!


Nice job on Rock You Like A Hurricane! Keep practicing this one, with both power chords and open chords. Amazing job with the bar chords today! You are improving very fast! Really focus on those two shapes this week. They will take you very far on the guitar! Use Bad Moon Rising and Twist and Shout to practice these bar chords. We will continue to work on this in the coming weeks! Great work!