How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you to work on playing Another One Bites the Dust with the music.

How to practice effectively: What I would do this week Lucas is focus on building up the beat every time you practice instead of just trying to do it all at once. First start with the hi-hat, then add the bass drum. No matter what try to keep the hi-hat going constantly. Then when you’re ready, add the snare drum. If its too hard at first or you start to get off, just take it out and go back to just the hi-hat and bass drum. I promise practicing it this way will be way less frustrating in the long run. Once you feel confident with the beat, try doing it a little bit faster and play along with the song! You can also slow down the song in youtube so that you can practice along to it at any speed.

Great work getting the beat at the end of class today!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to work on the end of the reading and the beats Lesson 12, as well as the first verse and chorus for the TRANSCRIPTION of Ride by Twenty-One Pilots.

How to practice effectively: Good work with the reading in the first part of Lesson 12, I think you’re starting to get the hang of dotted notes. For the last part with the 16th notes and the ties, just make sure to count carefully and it should be fine. For Ride, practice the beat by itself first and then do it with the song a little bit. If its too fast, slow down the music in youtube and practice along at a slower speed. Once you feel good with the beat, try working out the couple tricky fills that are at the ends of the phrases, we’ll try to hit those some more next week.

Really great work today getting back on track and having a productive lesson!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: Next week Samson I want to hear you play  from the beginning to the second chorus in Todd Rundgren’s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference. Here is the UPDATED TRANSCRIPTION.

How to practice effectively: Good work with this Samson, just keep shooting for CONSISTENCY. That is key, even if you have to play the whole thing slow, you have to know how it feels to play the whole thing at a consistent tempo. One way to even it out and get things up to tempo faster is by finding the spots where you slow down, and then work on them until you can play them faster, then you can try the whole thing at a faster tempo.

You’ve got this Samson, keep going!