Hi there,

Another week…good work everyone! Looking forward to seeing some of you in person in a couple weeks.

take care,




We worked on: Thirds in different ways (all up, all down, alternating), articulation and rhythms on Jitterbug (scooping the notes), Bach by ear

What to practice: Khebar, Jitterbug Waltz, Bach Cello Suite in G



We worked on: Blues by 5 (melody and first chorus of solo), interval recognition (half steps and whole steps)

What to practice: Blues by 5 first chorus of Miles solo (use recording if you forget), ponder interval reference songs for half steps and whole steps.


We worked on: Chromatic scale, overtones, Klose #1, Harlem Nocturne rhythms

What to practice: Klose #2 at 65 bpm, overtones, Silver and Art (first 11 bars)


We worked on: Chromatic scale (F to F, smooth with steady air), Blue Monk

What to practice: Blue Monk (keep working on it to smooth out) and Silver and Art, first 11 bars (focus on correct rhythms)



We worked on: Chromatic scale (all the notes) from G to G;    F, G and Bb major scale and arpeggio, reading, upper register,

What to practice: not puffing up cheeks to get out the high notes, using “smile” muscles to get high notes out, chromatic scale (all the notes) from G to G;   F, G and Bb major scale and arpeggio,

How parents can help practice: Victor needs a book to work on his reading! Could you get the essential elements clarinet book volume 1 for him? They have it at Long and McQuade for sure.