Piano Adventures p.  31 “Starlit Melody”. Read for next class. Pay attention to the skips on the staff.

Maria Ines:

“In the Stars”: Play the first four lines of the chorus. Be careful with the notes in the bass, and remember that Gm lasts only 3 beats in the chorus (the fourth beat is the Bb with D or F in the bass).

“Payphone”: Practice the melody while saying/singing the lyrics, so you can be accurate with the rhythms. Then play the chords separately. Use the left hand to play bass lines, and the right hand to play the chord.


Piano Adventures p. 53. Make Noreet read the notes. If she struggles to play the right hand and left hand together, we will work on that next class, so do not worry about that. The idea is that she can read the piece, slow but fluidly for next class.


Practice playing from C to G and back with both hands at the same time. Place each finger in one note, and go up (to G) and down (back to C). After that, play in “contrary motion”, with the same fingers but different notes as we did in class.