The Girl from Ipanema: Practice the melody in the right hand and the chords in the left hand for the first section. For the second one, just the melody. Be careful with the fingering.

Start reading “Tchaikovsky’s Theme” (Piano Adventures 3A p. 56-57).

“Snowflake Ragtime”: Study with metronome at 95 bpm (if you can go up to 100, better). Try not to stop, even if you make mistakes. If you hit the wrong notes with the left hand, keep going with the melody.


Piano adventures, p. 33 “Alouette”. Remember to count to 3 in the dotted half notes and to 2 in the regular half notes.


Compose a part 2 for your song and write it.

Piano Adventures p. 19 “Half Time Show” read the whole page. Remember that you have to repeat mm. 1-8. From bar 9 to the end the left hand and the right hand play the same notes.

“Athlete Theme (Mario)”: Practice the first section of the song (if you have doubts about the notes or the rhythm, see the sheet music). Note that you have to play one octave higher than written.


Sonatina 2nd movement: for page 13, practice each line separately first (you can spend 5 minutes of your practice time in each one, for example). Then, practice the following transitions:
-between mm. 15 and 16. You can play first those two bars a few times, then the two lines (mm. 13-18).
-between mm. 23 and 24. Practice bar 23 in a loop; then b. 24 in a loop, then both of them several times. Then play the whole last line.
After you have done that, play the complete page.

The 1: Memorize the lyrics for next class.