Really good job getting through the snare piece! Let’s aim to take it up to 120bpm but work up to it from 100 or whatever youre comfortable with. Only speed up when you’re sure you can play with the metronome all the way through and remember to play lightly.


Keep going with the reading exercises. The first one was pretty good today! Remember to pay attention to your grip and where you’re hitting the drum.


The fastest way to learn something is to do it slow. For the parts we’ve worked on, try 80-90bpm. Try going on to the end of the page but for anything new start at 60 bpm. If you’re really struggling then do it 2 bars at a time, in which case don’t move on from something until you play it 5 times correctly.

Thea & Rachel

Try to play stick control every day. We were at 144bpm today, it should be less than 5 min to run through the first 8 lines. If you can get a kit then just try to solidify the rock beat. If you find a song you want to learn just let me know; otherwise, I’ll just show you some basic jazz next week.


Main priority is still to get your notes even. Remember to keep a loose grip and raise your wrists slightly. 110 seems like a good tempo for you but if anything feels uneven then slow it back down. Warmup at 90 bpm. Goal for next week is 120! Keep playing the rock beat and working on the short fills I’ve shown you. You can also try improvising a little which we’ll work on next week.


Really happy with everyone’s progress lately, keep up the good work!