Your sound is coming along! You now know what you need to do to keep it consistent.

You need to practice 5-10 minutes EVERY DAY!

Work on going down your Bb concert scale working to get the same amount of sound in different registers. We went over how you need to open a bit more to get the lower notes to sound full. Make sure you slow your air down enough so that you don’t get a double buzz.

Look at the first 16 and last 8 bars of Georgia (they are the same!!) Work on getting a clear sound on EVERY note. Do NOT settle for bad tone. Remember to open up more when you go higher in your register to avoid squeezing the notes out.



Great meeting you today! Your sound is amazing considering you’ve only been playing since September!

Keep up practicing 10-15 minutes a day – I can really tell you’re putting time into playing the trumpet!

Continue working on blowing faster air when playing higher notes – this will really help with the Raiders of the Lost Ark piece. Think of aiming your air farther away to help get the speed up.

Clap rhythms out to make sure you’re spacing the 8th notes appropriately – have another look at the Shrek 2 piece for that.

Have a listen at these links for some of the music we looked at today – it will help you learn it faster!



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