Your sound is really starting to improve – please try your best to practice 5-10min a day. I know it’s a busy time of year and I really appreciate the time you’re putting in.

F Study – Keep working on getting a full trombone sound while playing. Using this is great because you’re already comfortable with it. Just focus on your breathing and playing with a full tank of air always!

Bye Bye Blackbird – work on aiming your air farther away for the higher notes. It’ll help you get a fuller sound and is less tiring on your face.



Great work this week! Keep up the practicing!

Yesterday – continue working on the articulation (slurs) in the solo section. Also work on getting a fuller sound – pretend you’re playing at the ACC and you have to fill the entire stadium with your sound.

Hey Jude – work on articulation and playing phrases rather than separate notes.

Cinema Paradiso – practice most of these notes down an octave as they are much too high at the moment. This will help you hear the pitch and when your speed up the air you will have a better chance of playing the note in tune and with a full sound.