To prepare for your concert on Thursday just go over a few parts of your music Wednesday (tomorrow) to secure certain sections that we went over today. Mostly Take on me.

Keep working on picturing blowing farther away when playing higher notes – don’t squeeze!!!

You’ve worked really hard over the last few weeks so I’ll bring in some fun stuff to work on next week!

Good luck at your concert!



Aim to play at least three times this week to work on the materials from today’s lesson. You only need to play for about 5-10 min each time!

Work on the “golf swing” breath we discussed in today’s lesson. Use that when practicing ANYTHING! It’ll reduce the tension in your sound and just make life easier.

Bye bye blackbird – aim on getting consistency in your notes throughout. We want to be able to play around with the rhythms and notes more next week to make it sound more like the actual tune but you need to be 100% comfortable with the notes and rhythms before we do any of that.