Your low range is really coming along nicely! Keep practice as much as you can but aim for everyday 5-10min.

F Study – continue to use the first four lines as a warm up to get your air moving. I can tell your sound is coming a long and this will help with player higher notes.

Bye Bye Blackbird – make sure you keep your embouchure consistent and only adjust the pitch with your slide. This will minimize tension in your facial muscles. Also focus on note consistency and accuracy so we can play around with the rhythm to make it sound jazzy!



Continue practicing as you have been! Your sound is really coming along!

Pirates of the Caribbean – work on phrasing the beginning and making music out of the notes. Use the higher notes as something to aim towards with your sound and dynamics. Work on accents at bar 47 to make the music sound more exciting! Really aim towards getting a nice big sound at the end!

Make sure when you’re going to a lower or higher note that you don’t adjust with your head! Minimal movement and focus on increasing or decreasing your air speed!