Hello all,

Here is this weeks homework.


Practice the piece entitled “Surf Rock” in your guitar book. Remember to take your time when reading through passages. Try to be ready when switching to the next line. If there is time after try to look at “Au Claire de la Lune”.


Continue to work on switching chords. You should have roughly four chords to work with now. C,D,G and E minor. You can practice switching between any of these. This will allow the chords to progress more naturally and your fingers will start to memorise where they are. Also be sure to practice “Don’t worry, be happy” from your guitar book. Apply the same practising to these chords as well.


Look at the chords for “Girl from Ipanema”. Continue to apply the same chord patterns that we have been practising. Try and see if you can find alternate shapes with some of the shell voicings so that you are not always stuck in one position. Working on rhythmic patterns with the Segovia scales would also be good to work on this week.


Have a great week everyone.