Hello Rock Band II players and families,

I joined the Rock Band yesterday evening to observe and address concerns that have been ongoing for the group.

At this point the members of the group have been informed that the continuity of the group will be highly dependent on their efforts and continued commitment to a high standard for preparedness and rehearsal etiquette.  This is a result of the group’s overall dynamic, which is usually overly recreational, and has held them back since January.  This has been very frustrating to Leandro, and rightly so.  To be clear, we don’t want anyone to feel like they or the group is in ‘trouble’, but rather that they are being held accountable to a standard that they all agreed to when joining the group.  It was made very clear that we won’t put Leandro into this kind of situation, which I consider harm’s way, given the effort he makes to prepare them.

From now until the end of the school year it is expected that:

The group arrive with all of their equipment.  If a student does not have their music, they will be asked to go home and get it.  If you drop off your child, be sure they understand it is necessary for them to call you before leaving ABC to get their music – they may take the desk phone to do this.
Focus will be better, with a minimum amount of talking, especially if the coach is speaking.
They will know and have practiced their parts.  Rehearsal is for working with and as a group, not learning individual parts.  5 minutes on one song per day and they will have practiced each of their songs once during the week.  (Ideally they do better than that, we hope)

I have indicated that we will not be shy about cancelling the band’s planned appearances for the recital and Rawlinson Fair, as well as a possible street party in front of ABC (June), if they are not able to improve their level of commitment to the standards required.

I have avoided calling you directly about this because we want to emphasize the greater, more adult level of responsibility that is intended as part of the program.  I would, however, ask that you have a conversation with your kids, asking about last night’s chat.  By asking leading questions about what happened, and getting their thoughts about why they think it happened, as well as to ask how they feel about their contributions will set up a meaningful dialogue with them about being in a group, and encourage more thought about the value that they place on the group.  They indicated unanimously that they enjoy doing this, so let’s get them to take a higher degree of ownership in the process.

If you have any questions about this, or wish to speak to me – please call the office at 416-651-7529.  Thank you!