Alyssa M.



Great job on Saturday! Your F Major scale sounded great and your piece “Rakes O’ Mallow’ is coming along very well. I really encourage you to play this piece for the Spring recital on May 14th! It sounds great and you are very close to reaching your goal tempo. I think you would really enjoy playing in the recital, they are a lot of fun. I know you mentioned that you feel nervous to play but everyone at the recital are there to cheer you on and listen to you! So you have nothing to worry about. This week we skipped the Trevor Wye book because I wanted to really focus on your piece. We got a lot of work done on it during our lesson and you were able to play it comfortably at a tempo around 80. For homework try your best to get it to about 90 and maybe 100 if you are able to. If you are having trouble playing it at a faster tempo, please play more slowly because trying to practice a piece at a tempo you may not be ready for can be very frustrating. For next week I would like to hear your 2 octave G major and D major scales. Try to play the scales without using your flute fingering chart. Lastly I would like you to start any practice session with your long tones. (These are sounding better each week!) Start on your low B natural and then slur up to the high B. Once you are satisfied with the tone you are making, move on to the B flat and so on going down chromatically in the higher register. Once again excellent work and I really hope you will perform the “Rakes O’ Mallow” in the Spring recital!


See you on Saturday!