Kasey Ann,

Warm up : G major , G minor – scales, triads (solid and broken) Dominants 7th, Diminished 7th

New Pieces : “Where do I begin” – good job on hands together! work on the second page , each hand seperately,  notice changes in harmony and fingering

Pachelbels’ Canon – sounds beautiful :) , focus on the last page, make sure to hold the long notes for the harmony (2 voices in your right hand)

Barcarole – start 1st page (be careful while sight reading/ attention to details)

(try to practise 20 minutes a day)



Warm up : C, G, D major triads and cadencas

New Pieces : The puppet show – sounds good! (make sure to always have a 3rd finger on the black key for your chromatic scale)

Moonlight melody – hold the long notes (left hand)

Changing moods – notice how the harmony changes major to minor and vice versa

(Fur Elise – work on keeping the eighth notes even between right and left hand, both time value and weight)

(ty to practise 15 – 20 minutes a day)



Warm up : C, D, G, A major scale and triads , broken and solid

Cadences : C, G, D, A major and minor

New Pieces : Afte the gold rush – sounds good! work on the middle part putting hands together, notice the harmonical and rhythm patterns

Cowgirl in the sand – A minor position, have both hands ready – practise each hand seperately, make sure to follow indicated fingering

(try to practise 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : Cadencas – C E G (Tonic) , C F A (Subdominant), B F G (Dominant) , both hands, broken

New Pieces : Aura Lee – middle C position , have both hands ready

Here comes the bride

If you’re happy and you know it (keep reviewing the middle C position, left hand 4th finger on G, thumbs on C)

(try to practise 10 – 15 minutes a day)



Warm up: C, G, D, A major scales and triads , solid and broken

New Pieces : Kitchi -ti- kipi – work on chromatic scale (make sure to have 3rd figer on the black keys ready)

Our detective agency – F minor key singature, watch for A B D and E flats

(ty to practise 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C major scale , in parallel and contrary motion

New Pieces: Pawpaw patch

Keyboard magic

-practise each hand seperately first, make sure to have correct fingering/ staying within the middle C position

-have both hands ready before you start

-notice unison patterns

(try to practise 10 – 15 minutes a day)