Great work today everyone!! Everyone is making loads of progress :D

Here are your homework suggestions for the week. I’ve also created Google Drive folders for those of you I’m sending music along to. In the future, any time I add new music, this will be the folder to look in.


-practice Row Row Your Boat and Football Game
-We had talked last time about maybe trying out some Disney tunes. This is a book that would be the appropriate level that you could take a look at. If you are interested, go ahead and purchase it, and if not we can discuss other options next week!


-work on Intermezzo hands together
-Hey Jude – focus on pages 3 and 4; work on keeping the quarter notes of the “better, better” section nice and even


-work on the LH of Up on the Housetop
-practice Cool Walkin Bass hands together
-if you can print out Campbells are Coming for next lesson as well, that’d be great!
This is your Google folder:


-Fur Elise: practice hands separately, and if you want to try hands together that’s fine too! Focus on slow and steady, and hear how the melody flows through both hands
-Sonatina Mvt 3: add articulation and dynamics where marked, and then spend some extra practice drilling the tricky middle section (where there’s the key change)


-practice Copy Cat from your lesson book. Remember that the left hand always copies the right!
-Here is your Christmas music. If you can have it printed for next week, that’d be awesome!


-practice Spring, thinking of the articulation (staccato and slur (legato) markings), plus the “echo” of the piano dynamic
-practice This LH/RH Old Man
-Here is your Christmas music. If you can have one (or all) of these printed for next week, that’d be awesome!

See you next week!