Hello everyone! Nice work this week; your pieces are coming along very well. See below for homework recommendations for this week :)


-practice “A Joke for You” from the lesson book


-practice “Go Down, Moses”, and write in under the chords whether it is “i”, “iv” or “V”


So sorry about the trouble with our books not matching! If you are able to print stuff this week, here is my version of Campbells are Coming and Cool Walkin’ Bass for you to download and print. If your printer is still not working, please send a photo of your book for these songs to Barnaby for him to forward to me, OR you can just have the photo ready to share with me during our next lesson.


-practice Sonatina I, aiming for legato in the sections we discussed
-Sonatina II, hands together, watch your 8th note rhythms in bar 9-12
-Sonatina III, hands together for the first page, and hands separately after
Start thinking about dynamics for all sections!


-practice Storms on Saturn, adding in all dynamics


-practice Yankee Doodle, trying out the pedal for the introduction as we discussed
-practice A Joke for You

Great job everyone, see you next week!