Hi Simon, Liam and Noah, here is your homework for this week!


J.S.Bach Sarabande: Good tempo! Emphasize first and second beat. Bring out character of Sarabande: unequal notes: more length & vibrato on important notes. Practice chords for intonation : bars 9 and 10. Decide on dynamics.

Question: trill…should be in bar 11 on B? In your edition trill is on C. Can you check the manuscript? Trill should be from above. Are you doing both repeats? Please watch YouTube: ” Rostropovich talks about the Bach cello suites.”

The Swan: decide on fingering. Divide bow equally on slurred notes. Vary vibrato speed and use vibrato from note to note.

For suggestions/ ideas on Bach Preludio and Telemann read last weeks Post. Bach Prelude and Telemann is overall excellent!

David is not able to accompany you for the music video. He has recommended another piano teacher from ABC. Her name is Cicy. Cicy will be contacting you this week to discuss rehearsal schedules, time line, fees etc. Cicy is not able to come to your lesson on Sundays. So, you will need to find another day to rehearse together. Have send Cicy your music. Looking forward to Sunday!


Please practice March with expression!/ Your March is sounding really good when you play with expression! Observe dynamics. Count rests. Practice the two tricky bars. Looking forward to hearing you and your Dad on Sunday!

Also practice ” The Cowboy” and scales: D major scale and arpeggio ( separate bows and 2 notes slurred); G major scale ( 2 octaves) and arpeggio ( separate bows and 2 notes slurred); C major scale ( separate bows and slurred).

Practice time: Try to practice 10 min/ day. Looking forward to Sunday!


Practice scales this week: those you know such as A major and D major. We will learn new scales and finger patterns on Sunday. Please bring your orchestra music. When you practice your school music focus on string crossings. Tip for string crossing: place bow on next string before playing the note. Listen for beautiful sound. Also practice the Cowboy! Keep up the good work Noah! Looking forward to Sunday!